About us

The company was founded in 2012 by hand of Catarina Gonçalves and  Miguel Gonçalves, being a project initiated in 2011.

 The company was born from the need to promote the Portuguese products  of high quality, even to reach the consumer at competitive prices and in  any part of Europe.



Presents itself as an e-commerce platform with a nice design and allowing a quick and practical interaction. Our goal is the complete satisfaction of each user, ensuring through appropriate commercial partnerships, the best products of the region, benefiting from increased customer by our brand, in ensuring that your order is properly packaged and transported responsibility.
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"Delicias da Estrela" come forward in 2012 with the application for registration as a National Brand with the INPI (No. 501899), ensuring outset the dissemination and promotion of the Serra da Estrela region and their products. The exclusive marketing through e-commerce (online shop) starts in April 2014, after conducting a thorough study of the market which now acts as well as the creation of an appropriate and suitable for the transport of its product packaging.



Ensures marketing exclusivity the typical products of the Serra da Estrela region, focusing on thus solely market the products that best meets and where you can best serve all consumers.





"Visit us, look and buy your favorite products! All this without leaving your home and with the assurance that the products will be at your door within 24 HOURS!"

"Serra da Estrela with just one click!"